Why is VST Connect Performer silent?

Two questions:

  1. I can log in with Performer, connect with my buddy running Cubase Pro 9.5, he can see and hear me, but I don’t hear a thing, no talkback from the Engineer, no sound from me even though I can see me on the meters. Why?

  2. Why is Halion (from my Cubase Pro 9.5) not available under VST instruments - only Groove Agent, Padshop and Retrolog?

Any ideas most welcome.
Thanks – Ben

  1. You see yourself on the meters: that’s just your own signals which makes sense as the engineer can hear you.
    You can’t hear the Studio: ask the engineer to check all of his Cue mix, including Talkback (TB). He must have his TB mic assigned to the VST Connections/Studio/Talkback channel; he must have TB activated (plugin or Control Room) and also the VST Cue channel TB enabled. Tracks that the Performer should hear must have some cue send too (this all also applies for regular recording next room). Ask him to understand the Control Room. More details can be found at https://www.connectvst.com.
  2. You can use Halion SE only directly in Cubase, not with other hosts.

Hello @musicullum,

Don´t know if I should start a new post. Sorry if I´m hijacking this one.
I have kind of the same issue, just got off the line with my client so I can´t keep testing.
Issue: Artist on VSTC-Performer app can´t hear me. I can hear him fine BUT only on my left monitor

I tried everyting in here https://www.connectvst.com/, but no cigar.

I do have experience with the Ctrl Room and have used it for local recording sessions, with no problem.


  1. Set up according to the manual, and the webpage above
  2. Artist picks up the connection. Net & Sync light up green for both Connect and Perf. I can hear him loud and clear (though only on my left monitor… why?)
  3. Setup cue mix. Tested it in the Ctrl Room (pressing Cue) on the Main section of the Ctrl Room. I can hear both the Cue Sends and the Talkback signal.
  4. In Cue VST Connect, the meter moves according to the talkback input.
  5. In the VST Connect Window, the meters on the Event Monitor section move according to the sound
  6. Still the artist can´t hear me
  7. Checked his output levels, he can listen to all other audio from his computer, just not VST Connect Performer.

What are we doing wrong?

The Performer mixer has tiny items on the top of each channel where one can select output (for the master channel) and inputs (for the input channels, with the SE version, that would be “Mic” and “Instr”). If Performer uses for instance “Stereo In 1+2” but has his/her mic connected to only Input 1, you’d hear it all to the left. Set the Performer Channels’ input to the desired hardware mono input and all should be fine.

If Performer sees moving meters on his/her “MASTR” channel but hears nothing, that is most probably a similar problem: his/her monitor device/port is not assigned properly. Again, on top of the “MASTR” channel, select the hardware output where the Performer should hear things.

Hope that helps.

Ok, we´ll try that. We have another session today. My good sir, you are amazing thank you so much for your help!!!

Will keep you posted.

PS. Cubase is so awesome. Nuendo even more. Wavelab OMG the Master Rig is incredible.
Gotta love Steinberg.