Please refer to screenshot attachment below.

I be very grateful if you could help me resolve an issue I am suddenly having with Cubase Essential 5 ( software I have used for years without any problem until very recently )

Set up wise I have my iMac linked to my Yamaha MG16XU mixing desk. Additionally I have a number of keyboards midi’d to a patch bay and then also into the mac.

My iMac has both Cubase and Audacity installed. The desk and iMac are connected via usb

1 - AUDACITY: when the desk is connected VIA USB as opposed to LINE audacity works perfectly recording and playing back audio ( I have both INPUT and OUTPut setup with the MG-XU ASIO drivers )

This suggests there are no issues with the Mixing desk and iMac communicating.

2A - CUBASE: Despite trying numerous options I just can’t get cubase to record keyboard audio?

  • I have gone into Device Setup / VST AUDIO SYSTEM and selected MG -XU as the ASIO drivers ( as I have in Audacity )
  • MG-XU shows IN and OUT set to MG-XU and all active
  • VST SYSTEM LINK shows MG-XU L and MG-XU 2 selected

Now when I try to record audio when the desk is set to USB it just records blocks of noise and that is without even playing the keyboard
(SEE CUBASE 1.jpg )

2B - In this example I have switched the VST AUDIO ASIO driver to the other option listed which is BUILT IN AUDIO

This time it does record some audio but this is actually from the macs microphone and not a USB or LINE feed.

2C -In this final option I have tried using the NO DRIVER option which as anticipated shows no audio recording.

4 - ITUNES: plays music when LINE on the desk is selected rather than usb

Thanks in advance.