Why isn't my playback in my audio slicer working?

So…when I click the speaker on my audio in the slicer area I don’t hear anything…Everything else works as it’s supposed to but that slicer doesn’t want to play back the audio when I click the speaker on the audio. It moves as though it’s playing the audio but I don’t hear anything. Any help?


Do you mean the Play tool? The output of this Preview is routed to the Monitor 1 bus, same as other previews. Open VST Connections > Studio, enable Control Room, and Add a Monitor 1 bus. Route it to your output.

What Cubase version do you have?

I have cubase 8 pro. It’s enabled, and I’m playing through stereo. I remember coming across this issue once before and found somewhere that there was this arbitrary setting or button I had to push or set somewhere. I just can’t find the resource where I found the information to fix this problem this time.

I mean when you are in the audio editing area, and you are editing hitpoints and whatnot. Like, when I click on the speaker and then click on the area to here where the slices are nothing happens.


All of these Previews are routed to the Monitor 1 bus. Add one as it is described above, please.