Why isn't my .vst3 showing up? +Question about UIDescription editor

I want to build a template project in C++ for my other projects in VS. For the purpose I copied most preferences from the “again” example. To test whether the template works I copied all the source/header files as well as the references, just to be sure. Finally I debugged the project and it ran without errors.


However, the created .vst3 won’t show up in the DAW (Reaper), probably crashing on scan. Is there any explanation for why this could be happening? (Note that I removed the original again.vst3 from the scan directory).

I also have a secondary issue, in Reaper when the “Open UIDescription editor” option is selected on one of the example projects, the program crashes.

Have you checked that running your plug-in thru the vstvalidator is successful ?

Do you get the same crash in the editorhost example ?

Regarding Reaper - the crash on Open UI Description Editor is a known problem; I asked about it on their Forum last year:


I’ve looked at it and it happens in vst3editor.cpp involving the popup menu. The crash is on the line in VST3Editor::onMouseDown( ), which is line 913 for VSTGUI4.3:

VST3EditorInternal::addCOptionMenuEntriesToIContextMenu (this, controllerMenu, contextMenu);

It looks like the contextMenu is bogus/corrupt, but I have not gone any deeper into it.

Reaper is the only DAW I’ve used that exhibits this problem, and it happens on both Win and MacOS.

  • Will

They both produced the same “dll does not export the required ‘GetPluginFactory’ function” error. I fixed it now by including a definition:

	GetPluginFactory @1

Still not sure how the original worked without.

I am not quite sure if I got you right. But in case you use cmake for project generation this line exports GetPluginFactory already: