Why isn't there an uproar???

Am I the only one who is frustrated?

Every time I upgrade to a newer version of Cubase, I lose all my settings and presets! Surely there must be others here who are frustrated by this. I spend so much time creating presets, drum maps, zoom settings, key commands, templates, and so much more that I won’t remember until I actually need it again – does it really make sense that Steinberg doesn’t give users the option to transfer presets? Why aren’t people banging down the doors? Does it not bother you, and if so, why not? I know there are ways to copy the files from previous versions etc., etc., but it is messy work.

Just why??? I don’t get it…

:imp: And once we’re at it, where the h#ll do I find my “zoom presets” from C7 that I can copy to C7.5. I can never find that one and each time I get a new version of Cubase I need to create new zoom presets. :angry:

I agree that it’s a huge PITA to transfer all your settings from one installation to the next.

Somebody should make a utility app that stores and transfers settings from one installation to another.

just out of interest ,when you install your new/update version of cubase do you allow it to install to the default position ?

“Does it not bother you, and if so, why not?”

Not at all, its good to have a new separate fresh install and its not hard to transfer preferences once you have got the new version running well enough to do actual work.

There is no uproar maybe because this is not an issue for most users.

This place really lights up when there is an issue that bothers most users so it looks like the way things are is OK for the vast majority.


No uproar because most studios use it as a chance to still use the old version while learning the new features and wrinkles of the new. Just maintenance really. Might be a pain for a composer who sets his own templates. I think most users wear a few hats and are likely to be from previous band / studio environments.
It’s also very easy with any software to get into a “bubble” when you find these problems and they seem more trouble than they actually turn out to be. Hope it gets that way for you. (not as much trouble I mean)

Never noticed anything lost when upgrading on the same computer… (I mostly use a lot of key commands and templates)

Whats the point of an uproar? It’s easy enough to backup a few small data/XML files, in fact it’s the sensible thing to do in case of crashes/disk failure ect

I’m one of the people who prefers to start fresh when new versions are installed, but I think it might be nice if Cubase offered you the option of importing settings from your previous installations. That’s a potentially sticky bit of logic though (how many previous versions to support? What if user has both 32-bit and 64-bit of same product installed? etc.), so I understand why they have avoided doing it.

I have always appreciated how multiple Cubase and WaveLab versions can exist side-by-side without interfering with each other, and without requiring any weird additional steps taken by the user. They just work. (See how Ableton and occasionally Native Instruments handle this for contrast.) It gives me a chance to get used to a new version while still working productively in the previous one.

I bothered me a bit at first, primarily because the only version I’ve ever worked with was 7.0.6, so when I up’d to 7.5, I was a bit ‘ticked’ not to see the migration of the settings.

But now I have a different view of it.

It forced me to review all my settings again and sure enough, I changed a number of them for the better, which I might not have even considered doing otherwise.

If ‘uproar plans’ are in the works, let it be for more essential things.

Let us pick our battles wisely. :unamused:


Lot’s o’ presets/templates and key commands
and none of those probs here.

Could this be a PC thang?

Could be.


Because it’s like a fresh install. A small inconvenience that can be solved by copying the configurations over from the old version.
I’m dumbfounded as to why there’s no uproar for issues like mixdown sounding different than what you hear while editing. I guess no one uses AudioWarp.

Right - I copied a few of those over.

Do your mixdowns sound different than your edits?
I’ve never heard of that happening before.

Not familiar with AudioWarp. What is it? :unamused:

Well, I dunno, but I think the vast majority of settings must be the same here after C7.5 and it’s been the same procedure with every upgrade?
PC btw.
Unless you uninstall your previous version and start “fresh” you will have everything including Key Commands copied for you to the folder of the newest version you’re installing.
Just in case I back up the stuff under
C:\Users\You\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 7.5
with all the Cubase settings, but I doubt I need even that really.

But nothing beats a good uproar so I’ll get me a torch while waiting for date and time … :smiling_imp: :laughing: