why isn't this last staff hidden as I'm presuming it should be?

I’ve done as in the attached screen shot and then hit “ok”. Thanks for any help!:

  • D.D.

Don’t you always have to display at least one staff?

I guess I presumed that this was the method to say “make hidden that final staff that’s immediately after the system break” (with that new “selectively hide staff” feature) - curious if I’m doing this wrong (thanks!)

  • D.D.

You can’t hide every staff in a system: at least one staff must remain.

Otherwise the singer will pack up and go home while bars 60-63 are still playing!

Actually, they’re blank bars I added to accommodate the audio from a synced video file that overhangs past the end. So I would love to be able to hide that last line. This really can’t be done with the new system of hiding select systems after that last inserted system break and selecting “hide” (as I tried to do)? Just checking.

  • D.D.

If you just need to not have it printed, you could just do a Frame Break to force those measure on a new page and not print the last page.

That is true - and what I actually did was simply delete those bars temporarily and print. But my original question is: isn’t there a way to automatically hide the last line using the new “selectively hide staves” feature? (more curious than anything).

  • D.D.

Daniel already gave you the answer to this question. One staff must remain in a system at any time.


I believe if it behaved as you wished there would be some kind of time-space-continuum conundrum! (YIKES… what did I just write??!) :astonished:

Sorry - you’re correct (!) - I thought Daniel thought I was trying to hide the entire page (I clearly need more sleep) but now I see that the new functionality can’t be used to hide the final line of a single-line piece; only to hide a system in pieces that have more then 1 instrument (so “never mind”)…

  • D.D.