Why it doesn't jump the music to the Coda

I put the mark in to coda. but it doens’t play it

There probably is a problem in this file. Would you mind sharing it? (You can delete all the notes)

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E Vogel ohni Flügel.dorico (995.8 KB)

You need to put in a “D.S. al Coda” before the Coda and a segno somewhere earlier (I suppose you want to jump back to the opening repeat barline, so the segno needs to be there) so that Dorico knows where to jump and when it is in the repeat for the jump.

And in that case you can probably get rid of the repeat barlines in the first place.

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That’s the conclusion I have too. Don’t use bar repeats, use ds al coda. This version works.

E Vogel ohni Flügel.dorico (1,3 Mo)