Why "K" to edit VST Instrument ?

When you call up Edit a VST instrument by holding the “E” down in the mix console above the fader, it displays a “K” on yellow.

But what does “K” stand for ?


I too have been wondering about that.
Tanx for bringing it up.

Perhaps it is German?

anyone know?

The “K” stands for Keyboard.

There is a very secret trick: just change the key shortcut to something else, I chose “V” for “VST”, just can remember this quite well…:wink: You might take “I” for instrument?

By the way: changing the shortcuts to

“I” for “inserts” in the inspector
“K” for “channel”, Kanal in German and
“s” for “sends”

made my life much easier, since I always regret that there is so much space wasted in the inspector and I need to see all of the above three all the time. So making shortcuts sped it up immediately. Naturally only if you can live with giving up the original shortcuts. I could.

Thanks for that Trax.

But to the powers that be: Booooo!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

My main input device is a MIDI guitar.

Think I’ll take sidfrancis advice and try and change it to a ‘G’.
Yeah! ‘That’s the ticket’.

{’-’} :slight_smile:

curteye: seeing your avatar brought the memory. Your full name is probably “Turanga Curteye”… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

You can (better Still imho)

Assign your shortcut keys to open Channel, Vst - then assign these keys to buttons on a gaming mouse.

if you’re into getting away from point and click for certain things and using the keyboard, you might find having shortcuts in your mouse even better and even quicker.

another one is Zooming - I have this set up so that pushing my mouse scroll wheel to the right - zooms to selection (filling the screen). Then mouse scroll wheel pushed left = undo zoom (back as it was). This is like lightning for working on audio in the arrange page.

:nerd: Geeky I know, 2013 is year of the gaming mouse :laughing:


Do you have any recommendations for a gaming mouse, I want to play halo (1) online in between Cubase sessions :sunglasses:

The Logitech G600 or the Razer Naga.

I own and have used both and they are both good. I prefer the Logitech G600 because it can be programmed (with software) and retains 3 configurations in its own memory, so once you have programmed it, you can use it on any computer. The Razer Naga basically has two modes to which its extra keys are hardwired to either the number keys above the keyboard or the numeric keypad (to the right of the keyboard). No programming required, at all.

Both mice can be used with games AND Cubase (and other applications) which is absolutely awesome. They both provide 12 extra keys on the left side. The Logitech has a built in “shift” like mouse button which doubles the 12 keys to 24 functions.

This is what I found:


It seems there are onboard “brains” :nerd:

So what are the DPI settings about?