Why keeps Nuendo adding Komplete Kontrol S-Series to its Studio Setup?

Every session again, I remove “Komplete Kontrol S-Series” from Nuendo’s Studio Setup, because it conflicts with other instances of “Komplete Kontrol S-Series” when other DAWS (Apple’s Logic for instance) are opened on my system. But to my sad surprise Nuendo not only re-adds KKSs when opening a new session, but it also re-adds it -while I never asked for it- just while a session is open!?

If this is Steinbergs’ definition of “Advanced DAW” I’d rather like it to be dumb…very annoying (the list gets longer and longer)…

Any suggestions to permanently delete Komplete Kontrol S-Series from Nuendo’s Studio Setup?

Niek/ Amsterdam.


Isn’t the device unplugged and plugged back? This is the only one explanation I could find.

Thanks for your message Martin, but no: it isn’t unplugged and plugged back in. At least: not physically…maybe my Komplete Kontrol keyboard has some auto-sensing which un- and re-plugs itself? I don’t know…

To Steinberg:
For a modern DAW like what Nuendo is pretending to be, I find it very annoying and old-fashioned that all these small “bugs” are not taken care of. I never thought I’d gonna say it but very slowly my loyalty towards Nuendo is starting to diminish…

Niek/ Amsterdam

NI Komplete is an external (not Steinberg) component. Could be it’s not on Steinberg side at all.

Maybe if you uninstall it…?

Thanks again Martin, but if I uninstall it, Komplete Kontrol completely loses its functionality…and I prefer it only to get rid of its -conflicting- transport functions…

Maybe you’re right when you’re saying that it may not be Steinbergs “fault” , but I find it very annoying that Steinberg doesn’t take steps to make it a real smooth DAW.
At the beginning of the day there is this list of routines I must undertake to set Nuendo “to my needs”…things Nuendo doesn’t remember for one or another reason…things like the downmixers’ settings ( https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=276&t=142587&p=767019#p767019 ), this Komplete Kontrol-removal, Mediabay’s library (one day it needs to reload, the other day not…), setting the right time-format in my main ruler (changes randomly) etc. etc…very annoying.
If I were working at Steinberg I’d take the time to repair all these little things…but maybe I’m the one here who is old-fashioned?!

Thanks anyway.
Niek/ Amsterdam.