Why license error?

Does anyone know why I should get “License Error no valid License found for Halion Sonic Se HSO Factory Presets 01”.
I do have Halion Sonic installed and have the eLicenser installed for it. When I bring up an instrument it again
tells me “License Error” and lists 27 sounds not on the license. What do I do?

They’re sounds from the demo you need to delete. There’s a thread in the C6 forum that gives specifics. Type Halion Sonic SE in search.

Thank You “mashedmiten” for you help. I did find solutions to eliminate the license error but not being
a computer whiz I think I am much better off living with it. Not knowing computers as well as some of you.
I’m afraid any mistake will just get me in deeper than it is worth. So thanks again, I really do appreciate
the help and or suggestions. At least now I know what it is that is in error.