Why long loading time VST 2 plugins

When I start Nuendo 8 it takes 8 minutes from the time it gets to scaning Vst 2 plugs .

I’ve tried making plugs inactive, tried uninstalling some but still the same.

Any help would be great.



8 minutes ! :open_mouth: That is way too long. How many plug-ins? If you are sure it’s a plug-in, try de-activating them one by one to find out which is causing the problem.

Thanks Stingray

When Nuendo loads it shows VST 2 plugin on load screen.

I have deactivated a few but I will try more, I have quite a lot of plugs.


I deactivated all my VSTx2 Plugins and same thing 6 to 8 minutes on VST Plugin manager.

So I uninstalled Nuendo 8 also tidied up my vet plugins folders, uninstalled some older programs.

When I instal it’s the same but now 6 minutes to load Nuendo 8.
Only take about one minute to load Nuendo 7 latest version.

Not sure what’s up


One thing I have isHALion Sonic VST 2 64bit in the Blacklist

Have you found out about this, already?
With me the VST2 scan/boot is fast as normal. It takes only a few seconds during N8 boot.
I am still on a HardDrive with C: - Boot time overall is still acceptable. Hasn’t changed much …

Cheers, Big K

Yes I had to do a rescan in the plugin manager, that fixed it.
It boots up in about 20seconds now, also did it in nuendo 7 and same there, much faster boot up.

Thanks for the reply