Why Metronomic Cinema?

Many people in this forum have made comments on what they miss in GA4 compared to GA2 and GA3. The variation of styles (genre) has been seen a lot of times in this forum as a missed feature. Many have mentioned what kind of styles they miss the most. It is then very strange to experience that the two first expansions that Steinberg releases are neither of the expressed missed. It is also strange that when they choose to do an expansion they do a “me too” product, like the now released “Metronomic Cinema”. It is a good business strategy to be a little extra in some area when you release a “me too” product, to have a USP. Judging from the short video on the expansion, there are a lot to be missed compared to the competitors in the “Cinematic drums” area (and there are a lot of them). The “Metronomic Cinema” is not a “me too” product, it is a “lesser me” product. GA2 and 3 were unique. GA4 tries to play with the big guys without reaching them to the knees. Understand it those who can.

Hi Rumdrum,

Sorry, what is a “WHAT ME” product please?

I guess that the “METRONOMIC CINEMA” package was the first one they created (months ago?) when they were making/designing the overall product. Therefore it is the very first one they churn out.



I think they are not pleasing individual requests, but look at marketing potentials.
CInematic drums are very hot as you mentioned.
Everybody wants some big bangs and booms, and that was a bit lacking in the preset factory available at the moment. Since everything can’t be copy and reuse in their standards these packages are both high standard and very affordable and custom buildand filling a gap.
Imho not a bad decision. But indeed also not for me since i have a lot af bangs and booms already. But i guess it will be appealing for a lot of people.
Just have some patience, and it is clear they are expanding their soundbanks for the moment.
You’ll get yours some day, some time.

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I’ve listened through the Audio demos also.
My impression was a lot of boomy drums and nothing for me a.t.m…