Why Mp3 Encoder?


Looking at the MP3 Encoder on the online shop, I’m having a few thoughts. Why do we have to purchase this separately in order to export our projects as MP3 files? We know MP3 files are inferior in quality to Waves and WMA is compatible with most generic MP3 players. So why do all Cubase users (except C6) have to purchase this to export more than 20 MP3’s (files of the lowest quality) from Cubase? No frustration here; just a little curiosity. :confused:

Sorry, I know this has probably been covered before.

Maybe something to do with this?

I export a WAV out of Cubase and can convert in any software I care to. Am I missing something here?

I’m talking about exporting as an MP3 straight out of Cubase. I think Ruddy Duck nailed it. They’ve got some kind of license restrictions going on. Look what Google did this time. :smiley: :mrgreen: :smiley:


MP3 is owned by Fraunhofer and others (Technicolor?) and isn’t free which makes it difficult to include in free or bundled software. I don’t know how it works with WMA. There’s probably something in here if someone can be bothered to read it. It’s a shame more people don’t use Ogg Vorbis which is open source and royalty free.

MP3 is not owned by anyone afaik, but the different codecs are. Most of these codecs are paid for, but LAME is a popular free codec that you will find in most free audio conversion programs.

But really? $17? On that first link, the codecs prices looked like around $1-3! Why and how is Steinberg selling them for 17? What is the reason for such a price difference?

Me too? I don’t get it. I’ve been exporting MP3’s from within Cubase for years??? It’s been natively supported by every version I’ve owned. I’ve never bought any additional encoder? Perhaps its not available in the ‘lesser’ versions?? Is that the issue?


Yeah I think the “lesser” free? versions only have a limited number of MP3 exports then you have to go buy a licence to continue.

I have exported every one of my projects to MP3 several times each and have never had a problem with the built in support.

Indeed. Clearly shown on feature comparison chart:

Ok, I just got my hands on an MP3 encoder. Big question: how do I set it up? Wouldn’t I simply put the file in the folder with the other audio-codecs? This may take a couple hours to get permissions since I don’t own the administrator settings on my computer.

Didn´t it come with instructions…? And are you talking about the Steinberg encoder…?

:confused: :smiling_imp: It was the LAME encoder. :mrgreen: Maybe the instructions were what costed 17 bucks. :angry: :open_mouth:


Okay, what was I supposed to get from that? I didn’t see any instructions. Are you trying to say that it won’t work with Cubase?

Ah, I get your point now.
No, you can not simply take any mp3 encoder and include it into Cubase (99,9% certain). If you could, it would not make much sense to sell a license for 17 $

Interesting. Nate seemed to think you could. I would’ve tried it by now, but I don’t have the stinkin’ Administrator account on my computer. :unamused:

For the record, it won’t work as a GZ file. Where is the download for a dll?!

Of course not. GZ is a compressed archive file, just like ZIP. And if you have GZ file, you have completely wrong file. You probably have LAME source code distribution. That’s the only one you can get directly from LAME project.

Go back to LAME site and read through the home page to find the right link for downloading Windows binaries.

PS. Welcome to the wonderful world of Open Source Software. You’ve now experienced how it works: time spent to find anything useful is usually worth more than money you’ll save :smiling_imp: