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Doing the regular purchase thing here in Canada I always get the request for info about be in with an educational …


Does Steinberg read these threads?


I wish Steinberg would have chimed in about the whole ordering in Canada thing. I still have no idea if you can actually order Cubase from their online store if you live in Canada. There is not mention of it on their store and if you try and order, it eventually errors out.

I took matters into my own hands and ordered a copy here:


They are in Toronto and I emailed them and they would be shipping them after February 15th. (They haven’t received them yet).

I just figured now it’s ordered, and I’ll get it when I get it.

However, just am wondering how a company that required sales to operate make it so difficult for a COUNTRY of people to know how to order their product???

In the meantime, while waiting for Steiny Canada to NOTICE (!!!)

I’m now trying out Studio ONE, maybe I’ll switch If I cannot purchase C6 :unamused:

Been a loyal customer for 8 years too

Yeah, Steinberg need to fix that “educational” message on their website when ordering from Canada. If you can’t order from Canada, then put of a page that says so. Having an “educational verification” page is ridiculous and only makes people confused, as it has nothing to do with anything.

If they cannot fix a simple wep page what makes me think they can do more with Cubase 6?

You cannot ignore the “educational page” it gives you an error if you do not comply


Still there

I am NOT impressed

LOUSY customer service I’d say !!

:imp: :smiling_imp: :imp:

Go to the list of dealers on Steinberg Canada’s website, find one, order and you’ll get it. I agree that it was confusing when the message came up on the main Steinberg store, I just called my local dealer, and was good to go.

Get over it!

You can’t be serious?

Wait until the first update and see how things go.

Although my situation may be slightly different from most people, here’s how I was able to obtain the upgrade from Steinberg online even though I am in Canada.

I purchased Cubase 5 in December of 2010 online from a Steinberg authorized dealer in the US. Since I am mere kilometers from the Canada/US border, I had the package sent to a shipping depot on the US side, and then picked it up and imported it into Canada personally. (I did this mainly for two reasons: 1] I am literally hundreds of KM from any music retailer in Canada, 2] The price difference between buying in Canada and buying from this particular US dealer was quite attractive).

When the Grace upgrade period was announced, I jumped at the opportunity. I sent in my purchase information to Steinberg, and a week later was approved for the upgrade with a link to their online store. However, when ordering online, I ran into the same issue as everyone else - the puzzling “Educational version” error.

I emailed Steinberg, and Steinberg Canada responded within minutes! I was truly impressed. They told me that since I was in Canada, I’d have to go through them or an authorized Canadian retailer. I was asked to resubmit my invoice for C5 directly to Steinberg Canada, and once again, within minutes got a reply. This time they told me that they weren’t able to process my order and grant me the Grace Period upgrade because I did not buy my C5 in Canada (I thought this was strange, because the conditions of Grace Period never specified which country you had to purchase in). The customer service rep DID however suggest that since I bought from a US retailer, I should try ordering online again, but this time use my US shipping /Billing address (the one I had my initial copy of C5 sent to) on the ordering form, instead of my Canadian address.


I tried this, and everything worked flawlessly! My upgrade came in the mail from Steinberg US to the US shipping depot yesterday, and today I am a new happy owner of Cubase 6!

By the way, kudos to Steinberg Canada for their exceptional customer service, and out of the box thinking to help a customer!