Why new templates dont save routings?

1- why when making templates, some time for few hours, I find that the routings are lost and I need to:
a- route the mixer all over again every project.
b- i chose send fx plugins, made the twicking and everything - boom–no pluging. I need to do it again everytime.

2 - in the mixer screen for some reason i cant see all the inserts as I used to see…I see only one or 2, and to get to other I need to drag things around. tried to find the “inserts opener” - no opener.


no one knows what im talking about? very simple questions…

Nope, haven’t seen that issue before …
Works fine here.


Here works as expected too.

Are you changing the audio interface maybe?

Working on a template OR want to make a template from existing PJKt :

  1. routing to audio device are off
  2. mixer, busses, send fx are all off
  3. saving of all the material of old project in the pool and then i need to earse it
  4. any plug i chose to template is not exist anymore.

Sounds odd, but here’s the way I do it:

First, construct the IO I want in VST connections and save each of those with an indicative name for Input, Output, Groups and Monitor. Then constrict a template, then load all of the VST connections, then save the template.

I will try again 2morrow.

Any answer about the inserts slots? why I see only 2 all the time?

In mixer there is a command in the racks, called fixed number of slots. That should do it.

I have the same issue of new templates not saving my output routing. I posted it here and received zero response. I am very interested in finding an answer too.