Why No App For Extensive Control Over Cubase Yet?

A lot of folks are up in arms about the UI and UX in Cubase. The best way around this is to not need to look at it much. I mean, nearly every function in Cubase can be controlled with the PLE, LE or a key command. BUT it is up to the end user to either assign and remember hundreds of kc combos or design a UI with an app like MetaGrid.
Shouldn’t the developer of the DAW not be the one responsible for providing the end user with an integrated control surface app that can be whittled down and adapted and tailored by the user rather than the user being required to build one using a third party app?
The developers of MetaGrid provide a basic Cubase template. And I mean basic. But it shouldn’t, IMO, be up to a third party developer to provide us with an app and template that gives us extensive control over Cubase. It should be up to Steinberg.

Have you looked at Cubase iC Pro. I got it about a month ago on sale - which I think may still be running. FYI the link below seems to have cut off the end of the headline “and Android”

I’ve been using Metagrid (the original) for ages and yeah it takes a fair amount of customization to get what I needed. IC Pro is much more tightly integrated with Cubase - no virtual MIDI cables needed.

While I can see the need for a control app your reasoning seems to be coming from an unlogic point of view.

If the UI created by Steinberg for Cubase is insufficient and that is the reason why you want another app, would it not make much more sense to have Steinberg improve the UI in the first place?

So my reply to your question whether it should be Steinberg’s responsibility to create a control app is: No.

Exactly. Cubase must have over 5000 clickable UI elements. iC Pro, AFAICT is more for remote control of transport , CR functions and some mixing functionality. How would iC Pro help someone with a large orchestral template? Rhetorical question.

I wouldn’t say “more for remote” although it certainly has remote use covered. But it also has buttons you can assign to any Command or Macro, with pages of buttons already setup & the ability to create custom pages - similar to Metagrid, but without needing to fitz with Generic Remote or any complicated setup.

I’m curious what additional functionality you’d like to see for iC Pro to qualify as having extensive control over Cubase?

If Steinberg merged the customizable UI of the new Remote Editor and iC Pro, this could be a solution.
The app could allow us to add and customize UI elements to control plugin parameters, synth automation, wave editing, MIDI editing, outboard gear and from the app create and assign PLE and LE presets to buttons.
Then it would just need to allow the user to define pages that are displayed on a button press for quick navigation. Example: If I press the Trumpet button on the Project page, iC Pro displays everything attributed to that track i.e. list of plugins, MIDI events, routing. Each with a widget to access each element for editing.
And for iC pro to provide extensive control over Cubase it would probably need to ship with more than 100 factory commands. Again, it shouldn’t be up to the user to set up 5000+ commands.