Why No Curves?

I am trying to automate a track and the curves are not available. I created 2 tracks, one with East West Play and another with Halion Sonic Se 3.
The Play track has no curves available but the Halion does have curves. In the screenshot it can be seen that the Play track only has vertical and horizontal lines whereas the Halion track has diagonal lines as well. So If anyone could tell me why, I would be much appreciative.

It used to be that you could manually set the transition between data points to either Jump or Ramp.

Now it is supposed to occur automatically. On/off automation (like setting a mute button) should generate Jump Data. While continuous data (like fader levels or cc) should generate Ramp data.

So it looks like you have Play expression data (cc11?) set as jump instead of ramp. Was this data perhaps created in an older version of Cubase where continuous data could be set to Jump?

I just created a Track with play on it and inserted some cc11 data points. They all ramped as expected.

What happens if you create a new Play track?

You might try opening the Project in an older version of Cubase, select all the data you want to modify & change it to Ramp on the Info Line.

It seems that I was selecting a different ‘Modulation’ from the list not actually CC1 (Modulation) and likewise with Expression.
If I punch in for e.g. Mod in the search in quick controls or track automation lane it gives me 16 ‘Modulation’ options but way down the bottom is the actual CC1 (Modulation). When I select this the curves are available.

Even using CC1 you should get data points that ramp since CC1 generates a range of data values instead of just on/off.

It just seems to be with Play. When I search for mod or exp it gives me 16 ‘Modulations’ ‘Expressions’ none of which have CC1 or CC11 next to them and Cubase doesn’t seem to like them.

Oh I see what you are doing. I’ve found that the automation controls listed under the VSTi can be real hit and miss to use. If the parameters listed looks like a wisely selected set, it could be worthwhile to give it a try. But if like here where it looks like they got set to ‘whatever’ they are probably best avoided.

I almost always use the specific cc’s available under MIDI Channels. Just have the Play control learn the cc you want to use.