WHy no Halion 4 can be ordered in US?

thought the release date was June 14. but keep checking back, any idea when HALion4 will be ready in your online shop here in US?

Hi Harry,

the US onlineshop will accept pre-orders from 27th June. The products should arrive shortly afterwards.

Thanks for your patience.



I just tried to purchase (in the US) the upgrade from HALion 3 to HALion 4 and it works until I get to the “Payment Options” when it bombs out. (See attachment image.)


I had the same problem. I was happy to finally get to order it, and then the website was like, “psych!”. :frowning:

Same experience here. Sigh…

Also, although the order page shows an upgrade price (from H3) of $99 USD, when added to the shopping cart the unit price jumps to $119 USD (before shipping). Can this be looked at please?

This is somewhat amusing (not), it does NOT bomb out if I select to upgrade from HALion Sonic to H4. If I select to buy both upgrades, the H3 to H4 product is removed (with the same message as the attachment above), and the HS upgrade remains. Of course, this is not what I want at all.

Can we please get things squared, North America?


I have forwarded it. Hopefully we can solve this fast.

Thanks for pointing,



it should now work correctly.



It looks like it’s working properly, now.

Fantastic, Chris, worked like a charm, thank you!