Why no link to pdf manual in Help menu?


That link to the manuals was really handy…now it’s only Online Help…but I’m not online in the studio [except for software updates]…returning that link to the pdf manual in the help menu would be pretty great, huh?


Here you go: http://download.steinberg.net/downloads_software/Cubase_Pro_9_and_Cubase_Artist_9/Cubase_Pro_Artist_9_PDF_documentation_english.zip


It is not only missing in the Help menu…
It’s also missing if you try “F1” key for help.
Which on PC will give you a popup saying something similar to -
“Could not find the manual!”
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 9\documentation\Operation_Manual.pdf"

to fix it…

create the folder
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 9\documentation\

unzip the files from the following documentation download (English) into the documentation folder you created:

F1 will then launch the Op Manual PDF.

But still, no way of opening a PDF from inside Cubase, that’s not good.

see my previous post to fix the problem.

Doesn’t here still opens the web link.
I will have a look tomorrow if there is something missing on my end.

Yes the main program menu “Help → Cubase Help”
will open the online Help page.

The fix I posted earlier corrects only the “F1” key problem and launches the Operation Manual PDF.

Thanks guys…

I’d already downloaded the manual a few days ago and am about 200 pages in…lol

So I just put a shortcut to in on my desktop for now…


@fretthefret thank you! that was exactly what I needed. so bummed the manual wasn’t there,

@fretthefret: thank you too!

But: to go more and more into the cloud with licensing (NI Access for example),
online help (Steinberg, Spectrasonics, …), Photoshop CC etc. etc. is the wrong way.
I want to keep my DAW working so it is not connected to the internet!
It’s more safe too.

The F1 key still opens the online help and not the files unzipped in the documetation folder

Same here :frowning:

With Cubase 9.0.1 after I downloaded the PDF file F1 did open it. But since updating to 9.0.10 F1 now opens the online help and not the PDF. I double checked and the PDF is in the correct location. There must be some other variable at play if this works for some folks but not others.

:frowning: :angry: :cry: :frowning: :angry: :cry: :frowning: :angry: :cry: :frowning: :angry: :cry: :frowning: :angry: :cry: :frowning: :angry: :cry:

Has anyone on 9.0.10 said F1 brought up the pdf?


His sig says 9.0.1. Why do you believe he is on 9.0.10?

Thanks for unintentionally reminding me to update my sig. :blush:

Because I glanced at it too quickly and thought it said “.10.” My mistake.

OK, thanks.

I wonder if anyone on 9.0.10 can actually open the .pdf with F1 …

After I updated F1 pointed to the fact that it was trying to find the documentation on the computer (Mac)…I downloaded and created a folder inside the app for the doc, inserted the docs and now it opens on the Web instead !!!