Why no mid/side channel mode in effects section?


in the effects section, one can set the channel mode to stereo or to all single channels including mid and side. However, why is there no mode that maps M to L and S to R? This would be useful for plugins that have no inbuilt MS processing but still can process L and R independently (e.g. the UAD Manley Massive Passive).

Not sure what you mean, because this feature is precisely done to process M/S through a “plugin that has no inbuilt MS processing but still can process L and R independently”.
I mean, you have a LR stereo file, then you select M or S on a slot, then you use your plugin. Nothing else to do.

Where do I select M/S? In the “Kanal-Bearbeitung” dropdown (I guess it is named “Channel Proxessing” in English?), I have “Stereo” and apart from that, I only find single channels.

(in WaveLab Pro of course)

But this processes Mid only. Why is there no option for combined Mid/Side, like there is one for Stereo? This was my original question.

It’s a good suggestion. Currently, you have to use two slots if you want to process both M and S. M-S mode could sometimes be helpful (a two-channel slot where the left part of the plugin affects M, and the right part affects S).

Exactly, it makes no sense to waste (limited) slots and CPU power for this scenario.

What you ask for, is a “L/R to M/S” stage before the plugin, then a "M/S to “L/R” stage after the plugin… but…

  1. This can already be done, since WaveLab provides L/R <-> M/S plugins.

  2. If both plugin channels are treated equally then the above L/R <-> M/S conversion has no effect (for an EQ at least). Or your plugin need to be able to process the L and R channels independently. Then you must keep in mind “when I change the Left channel, I in fact change the M channel”, “When I change the Right channel, I in fact change the M channel”. Not very intuitive.

The WaveLab ‘M’ or ‘S’ solution, on the opposite, works even if the plugin does not provide independent channel processing. Also, the concept is clear to understand and use.

I beg to disagree. Following scenario: You master a song, for this, you use clip effects, which are limited to 10. Imagine, you want to use the Massive Passive in M/S. then you need to waste 3 of 10 slots (conversion, Massive Passive, conversion back) just for this one processing step. In some cases, 7 remaining slots are enough. but often, they are not.

If clip effect slots weren’t that precious, I could live with the proposed solution, but since they are limited, one cannot waste them.

I’ve wondered why clip effects are limited to 10 per clip in Wavelab. I’ve just put 30 clip effects on a clip in Reaper to test, and it plays. Yes it’ll probably crash with any great processing, but apparently there isn’t a set limit, so one could possibly put many “light” plugins on a clip if needed (?)

In fact, I know of no other DAW where plugin slots are limited.

True, but it may be helpful to have another M-S slot option (a “L/R to M/S” stage before the plugin, then a "M/S to “L/R” stage after the plugin). Most people using this option will understand that M=left and S=right when using this type of encoding. Also, current implementation requires extra effect slots, and also extra plugins need to be loaded if you want to process both M and S.

No matter what you decide on though, thank you for adding M-S capabilities to Wavelab. Wavelab 9 is really pretty amazing.

Pro Tools has 10 inserts per channel.

Ok, thanks. Never used Pro Tools. Now, I know one more reason, why. :wink: