Why no page number filename suffix?

I see that page number suffixes can’t be used for PDF export, but I don’t understand why exactly.

I’m exporting individual pages from a layout, and I want them individually labeled. I know there are other ways, but this is the easiest way in this case. I’d like the PDFs to be labeled Filename_1, Filename_2, etc. I’m exporting page ranges, so I don’t understand why Dorico can’t tell what page it is. Since the export is correct.

Just curious, and I guess this is a request… Thanks.

Just experimenting with this - using either all pages or a range of pages always returns “000” as the page number when typing in $p. I guess it must be a defaulted value that is not calculated (because it is not “allowed”). I agree that this would be a great feature request!!

Just export the whole thing as a PDF, and then there are any number of utilities or scripts that will split them into individual pages for you.

Yes, that’s what I do at present. But this would be much faster.