Why no silence when volume knob turned down?

Yes, I know this must be obvious. I plugged my Les Paul directly into channel one, flipped up the Hi-Z and saw I had too much gain in Sonar. I turned the MR816 channel one knob all the way down and I am still getting a full signal to my DAW. I thought this knob was a pre for channel one? The signal does increase as I turn the knob up, but why is there any signal at all being received by the DAW when that knob is all the way down?

I did RTFM and this forum but couldn’t find it (the answer’s too obvious I suppose). I’m bracing myself for the “Duh” answer so go ahead and lay it on me.

Thanks for your time. Peter

Hello Peter,

The short story: the “gain” knob is not the same as a “volume” knob.

Perhaps you should enable the “PAD” function for that channel on the MR816.



I’ll look into that and try to make sense of it.

Thanks for your response.