Why no upgrade path from Wavelab 6 or older versions?

I’m looking for an upgrade for Wavelab 6 for years.

What’s the reason for not offering an upgrade path for older Wavelab versions?

You were able to upgrade from Wavelab 6 until late 2017.

Maintaining a way to upgrade from one version to another has an infrastructure cost, and unfortunately not enough people were upgrading from Wavelab 6 over the past 5 years or so to justify keeping it around.

Note that since buying Wavelab 9.5 (which is on sale right now) wont replace your Wavelab 6 license, you can move your Wavelab 6 to another USB eLicenser and sell it.

Thanks for your reponse. I never came across that upgrade. Do you have a link? I’m sure i looked multiple times over the last years. It must be earlier then end 2017 since they discontinued this upgrade.

Sorry, i’m not convinced regarding infrastructure cost and too little intrest. My license is on an eLicenser like newer versions.

I feel idiotic having to beg for stuff like that. Even more idiotic would be buying a full version again. If that’s the case, they lost me.

You had the chance to upgrade from Wavelab 6 since Wavelab 7 was released almost 10 years ago, until Wavelab 9.5 was released recently. Based on your post history, you also clearly know how to upgrade your Cubase, which has a much messier store page. It’s literally impossible that you missed the “Update from WaveLab 6” option after looking for it multiple times over almost 10 years.

If you’re honest about missing the option to upgrade, keep in mind that the current sale price for the full version is cheaper than the price you would normally pay if there was an option to upgrade from Wavelab 6 to WL 9.5, and on top of that you can sell your Wavelab 6 to save even more money.

I upgraded WL6 to WL7 to WL8 to WL9 and to WL9.5. At the top of this forum there has always been a notice of upgrades and when they will be available so it is hard to imagine that the OP would not have seen the posting if they follow this forum.

The upgrade to 9.5 is worth it, trust me.

Best of luck!

I simply did not use Wavelab for some years. That’s why i never upgraded it.

@Romantique Tp
Who would buy such an old piece of software? If it’s not upgradeable, it’s now worthless.

Wavelab 6 was the last version to officially support Windows 2000 and Windows XP and hardware that requires them, which some facilities and people still rely on.

It also has a completely different workflow. I think pretty much everyone will agree that Wavelab Pro 9.5’s workflow is far faster, but some people are weird and might prefer to do things the old, clunky way. :laughing:

You probably wont find a buyer right away (this is a very niche product), but I think you should be able to get around $100~$200 for your Wavelab 6 license.