Hi Fellow Cubase-users

:blush: (I do not want to spam this forum, but I thought that I’ll keep this frustrating issue alive…)

I have done a 2nd fresh installation of everything on my PC (Win 7, 64bit). My new Cubase 6.5 seems to :imp: refuse creating a “VSTPlugins”-folder directly under “Steinberg” (under “Program Files”). That is the default location, isn’t it!?

(It does create it’s own “VSTPlugins”-folder under “Steinberg\Cubase 6”, but that is Cubase’s plugins, isn’t it?)

:question: Why does this happen? ( :arrow_right: I had earlier issues with folder permissions on my D:Drive, where “My Documents” are, that might have affected the “VST3 Presets”-folder there. But Cubase generally resides on C:…)

:arrow_right: Can anybody shed some light on this, please? (Why does this happen?)

(My concern is that when I create my own “VSTPlugins”-folder, things might go wrong in future somehow.)

I cannot believe that I’m the only person to experience this…

:wink: Your time, interest and assistance will be appreciated.

PS: What I can add though is: When I create a “New Folder”-folder under “Steinberg”, and rename it to “VSTplugins”, when I hit “Enter”, the newly created folder briefly changes it’s title back to “New Folder” and then permanently to its new name, “VSTplugins”. Is it a file permission issue, or what!?


:laughing: Dear Mr :ugeek: “ThinkingCrap”

:wink: I appreciate your interest, as always, and in this case, your “concise answer” and reference to my own earlier post.

:arrow_right: :question: But the question remains, "Why doesn’t Cubase create its own default VSTplugins-folder for 3rd party plugins!?

:cry: (The result of this is, probably, that for the rest of my life I’ll have to “point” 3rd Party Vst’s to the Vstplugin- folder I created. Instead, normally, they would more or less “know” the default Steinberg DAW Vstplugins location. Ok, but that’s not the issue here now…)

Any :bulb: “Thinking” on what causes this?

…I appreciate

No, it isn’t.

When Cubase installs (fresh) it creates 4 folders for plugins; 2 for the specific program, and 2 common.

For VST3 plugins (Cubase 6 as example):
Specific program: \program files\steinberg\Cubase 6\VST3
Common: C:\program files\common files\VST3

For VST2 plugins (Cubase 6 as example):
Specific program: \program files\steinberg\Cubase 6\VSTPlugins
Common: C:\program files\common files\steinberg\VST2

It does. It’s the two folders I listed above as “Common”

You may want to take a look at pages 204 and 205 of the operation manual.

That’s just a Windows glitch

I don’t know what’s happening on your systems but don’t worry about this:

Because you can simply add or alter the following registry items to make your VST plugin folder(s) default, for future installers.

64bit dir
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > VST > VSTPluginsPath = C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins\

32bit dir
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Wow6432Node > VST > VSTPluginsPath = C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\VstPlugIns

:ugeek: Niles & :ugeek: “Thinking Man”

Thank you for your replies.

Niles, thanks for the reassurance. I think, :slight_smile: I needed somebody to just say it (“don’t worry…”).

I will check-out what the registry says now.

:arrow_right: Great, tx!

:astonished: Shinta, wow, great!

:exclamation: :question: Maybe this is “new”. I just migrated from Cubase 5, where I my “main” VSTPlugin" folder was under Steinberg (although it had the “common file” one as well.

Is that so? Is it new, or am I :open_mouth: delusional?

T :wink: x Shint’s


:arrow_right: Interestingly, I also do not have VST2 folders at the “normal” “Common File” locations for 64 & 32 bit. Although, they are the default locations as indicated from within Cubase’s “Devices\Plugin Info”\VST2 X Plugin Paths"-tab.
So by the way, the other “default” location I was complaining about being missing (“Vstplugins”), is also indicated there!

:imp: Why can’t one installation to the next just not be the same! Always surprises and challenges!

I may have been mistaken that they are automatically created when Cubase is installed. :blush:
I’m also on a 32 bit machine.
Looking at the “Common” folders that I mentioned, on my system they all contain separately (from Cubase) installed plugins (all installed “for all users”).

I actually found that folder as well; but again, with separately installed plugins.

(Speculation)It may be that Cubase doesn’t create the folders, but the plugin’s install routine does (on first plugin installed to that location), but Cubase is already set up to automatically detect these folders when they are created.

Here’s a question:
When you installed Cubase, did you install it with “Install for All Users” checked?
Are the folders present in your “Program Files (x86)” folder?


We are getting somewhere…

:bulb: Your’e right! I did not install for all users!

As I said, under my “Program Files\Steinberg”, :arrow_right: I was expecting to find a “Vstplugin” folder. But, there’s no such folder. However, a “Vstplugin”- folder under :exclamation: “Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 6” rather!

Under “Program Files\Common Files” I only have a VST3 folder. I created the “missing” VST2-folder.

…The above goes for both 32 & 64-bit.

:unamused: I’m still confused though.