Why not allowing to Download when getting the boxed version?

I ordered the boxed version of n6 +nek on thursday, because I want the printed manuals but I was also hoping to download my copy as part of that to get started, especially since they didn’t ship it on friday…

Is there a way to get the download while waiting for the box to arrive???

Are you sure about the manual being printed?
I think I’ve seen it stated in these forums that there is no
printed manual from now (VS 6) on.

If there is a printed manual I might be persuaded to go that route as well.

As far as downloading now, I didn’t realize that you couldn’t.
Shouldn’t matter really, if you paid for the boxed version.
Sorry I’m no help at all here…except for the bump.

Maybe someone could clarify both issues?

From this post

Given there are no printed manuals anymore - there’s really no point in bothering with the boxed version - unless there is some business reason etc…


There are people with slow Inet connection maybe, who need the boxed version …

damn it that completely sucks.

The books are essential for looking up issues, I hate online manuals especially when there is so little real estate on the screen to begin with…

So that truly makes the boxed version completely useless, I wish I would have known that before hand.

I would be willing to pay some more for a properly printed manual…now I know why the boxed and downloadable version cost the same, that should have raised a flag right there.

Yes, that’s annoying. I will pay extra for a manual, don’t know why that’s not even an option. Much to the amusement of my wife I frequently read manuals before going to sleep and pdfs don’t work the same.

Man! that is so crap there is no hard copy.

Im going to a copy shop to get it all printed and bound.