Why not update yet?

It’s been more than 5 months since the last update, will you consider releasing a new version in the near future? Please do not reply that official terms such as “when everything is ready” will be published; Thank you! Indeed waited a long time. Expectant and disappointed :disappointed:

Hi @yepdong,

Thanks for your message.

We’re in preparation of the next Cubasis update.
New update releases will be announced once becoming available.


Lol :rofl::sweat_smile::rofl::sweat_smile:

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That’s how we handle it… since many years…

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OK,Alright 。 :joy:

I understand that but that doesnt mean thats the how the community desires it…
And lets be honest, Cubasis is not an app that cost a couple of bucks
you cant blame people for expection a more transparent communication from development to the community.
Daily,weekly,monthly updates are very common in the mobile apps scenery.

A non timeline, stick your finger in the wind and you’ll see the update when its ready… is in no way or manner a standard method to communicate to your users in the mobile realm.

Buying Cubasis + plug ins is about what? 60 - 70 euros?
This is not some pocket money, so leaving the users in the dark is not received too well.

Now im not saying you have to push out an update every week, alltho weekly bugfixes are highly desireable since some bugs stagnate peoples workflow or even put everything to a halt.
Anyways an improvement would be if ,with regular intervals, you could give us forum updates with bugs that are solved and be included in the next update… also new implentations or big chances.

Basically it comes down to it looking like little to no work is being done and that one month per year cubasis get a work over and then a new version gets pushed out.
Now you can tell me thats not the way it goes but without frequent notices of what work has been done there is not much room to assume anything else.
Asking the community to have blind faith is obsolete in 2022.

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Entitled much?