Why notes/staves all jumbled up in parts but the score looks great

This is a really frustrating one. My full score looks fine but when I just view the individual parts some of them are all messed up. Any ideas? I have no idea where to begin.

You likely have a system break that is set to Wait for next system break, which will cram all following music into the same system until there’s another break .

Turn signposts on > you should see a pink System Break above bar 10 > Click it and open the Lower zone > untick Wait until next system break

See the Notes in the below link (the same function applies to Frame Breaks as well):

(Edit: Yes, remove the profanity.)

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For starters show signposts, then you will be able to see what might be affecting your layouts.
Then follow @DanielMuzMurray’s advice.

Finally, please remove profanities from your post.