WHY OH WHY does Cubase insist on rescanning all my plug-ins?

It’s seems like every month or so I boot up cubase (7.5 now, but it has always done this with previous versions) and it wants to rescan ALL my plug-ins…and it always seems like it happens when I am in a hurry. I really like Cubase but want to KILL it when it does this!!! Can anyone tell me why the #%$& Cubase does this???


This happens when transitioning from daylight savings to standard time and back again… I guess its designed to catch people trying to futz with the system clock to extend trial plugins…

Seriously, or are you joking? It seems like this has been happening to me more than twice a year, though.

Nope… no joke… Twice a year… I know this because it coincides with my bi-annual erection…

No no, it is because of how windows handles DST. When it changes automaticly, the timestamp for all files changes and cubase thinks the plugins are newly installed. If you change the time manually, no rescanning! I have set it to manual for years and it really works.

No other DAW has this DST plugin rechecking function. Cubase is unique. Maybe Steinberg patented technology?

Ahh… Didn’t know that… In wonder why windows would change the time stamp for static, read-only files? Backup? Archiving? Does windows do this to every file it opens after a DST/ST update?

Can’t say that for my rig. Never noticed this. Might get a load in variation of 5 to 15 seconds but that’s normal. That what you mean? 15 seconds? My clients don’t notice and I’m never in a rush because I prepare well and make sure everything’s working is probably why.

Hm. Maybe it’s just YOUR Cubase that’s unique? :laughing: Just messing…

Change this year. These posts usually come in AFTER the time zone changes… see y’all at the end of the month.

I just passed an entire cheese sandwich out my nose violently… thanks for that LOL :laughing:

I spent last evening just starting my various CB version so they could all be scanned over again, 6.5. 7.07 asnd 7.5… it is annoying, just go and watch TV while they churn along.

I have so many plugs, though, that it takes at least 5 minutes when this happens. It is VERY annoying when I have an idea in my head and want to get some notes recorded before I forget it.

Every time you change your clock for Daylight Savings, boot Cubase. I highly doubt the time change and a great song idea will happen at the exact same time. Well, unless it is a great song about re-initializing your plugs twice a year. In which case, you would have had 363 days to write that song since the last two times in a year that you lost 10 minutes total. lol.

Just saying. :slight_smile:

At the same time? I understand Cirque Du Soleil is hiring… (Please post video in lounge… It will break records)

I don’t think windows actually changes the time stamp, but how it is read, with an offset, that is.

More like 10 minutes. Plus there’s there are a couple of other issues that make it especially annoying:
a) If any of one’s more ancient plugs don’t load it just stops. So you can’t just go off and tie yer underwear or jump into a new pair o’ shoes.

b) When this occurs, it almost always screws with my settings for plug-in visibility. IOW: I have to reset which plugs I want displayed and it takes a surprising amount of time after 15 years of Cubase… not to mention that every once in a time-zone change, one or two plugs mistakenly disappear into the blacklist.

c) Remember that the same behaviour will occur with older versions of Cubase. So if you need to fire up say, Cubase 5 two months from now to grab an idea from an older CPR for some reason, you’ll go through the same fun fest again. I routinely access material from as long as 10 years ago and I live in fear of opening older versions every time.

Ridiculous. I’m sure that some engineer types don’t find this a big deal, but yeah, if you compose, you wanna be able to fire that thing up and get yer idea down NOW.

I’ve requested a DO THIS LATER dialog for years.


I hear ya!

Lucky old you!

Actually the OP makes a good point. It happened to me a number of times - the longest time was 25 minutes. I was steaming. Now I go and make a cup of coffee, read the paper, fill in my tax return, ring my accountant and check the mail. Nothing like being productive. Unfortunately with Cubase in that mood it is nothing like being productive.