Why only 2 layers in the unmix?

I have SpectraLayer 7.0.2, which came with Cubase 11.

Steinberg videos and the manual indicate that I should be able to get a range of separate individual stem layers for Vocals, Bass, Drums and guitar. However I have only the option to unmix vocals, not unmix the stems; so I only ever get just two layers- one for vocals and one for drums,guitar and bass. Is there something I am not doing here? Any advice would be welcome.

SpectraLayers One and SpectraLayers Elements only unmix vocals (and the rest).
To unmix all 5 instruments, you need SpectraLayers Pro: SpectraLayers: Advanced Spectral Audio Editor | Steinberg
Here’s a comparison of all 3 editions: SpectraLayers Editions Comparison

I have the Pro version of Spectralayers but it doesn’t show up in Cubase 11. When I select extensions and sprectralayers, Spectralayers One opens not Pro

I think that whatever was installed last is what will show up in cubase 11. You may want to uninstall SL One and SL pro 7, then ONLY install SL pro 7. Then SL pro 7 is what should show up in Cubase 11. Do NOT reinstall SL One! There was at least one other thread that addresses this issue in this forum, but with the changes in forum formatting, I couldn’t find it. cheers!

It’s also a matter of what active license you have in the eLicenser Control Center. You need an active SpectraLayers Pro 7 license in the eLCC so that SL Pro launches.