Why pedaling (sustain) when no pedaling added?

Why is there a hidden sustain at bar 14 here?
I cannot locate it in Play mode (CC 4 right?)
Walkin.dorico.zip (1.2 MB)

Sustain is cc64. You appear to have added some in earlier bars, the last one being in bar 13.

Sure. But why would they keep sustaining?
I used my keyboard and pedal to input live; was the “pedal off” not recorded then?

Yep. I think we may have a bug.
I’m using a CASIO CDP-S350 for midi input.
LMK what else you need to know in order to trouble-shoot.

What happens if you manually input a cc64 = 0, presumably then the note stops?
When you were recording, did you press stop (to finish the recording) before you lifted your sustain pedal?

A. Well that’s how I fixed eventually fixed it. (I hope I don’t need to continually go back and edit open-ended sustains.)
B. I lifted my foot off the pedal (to stop).
I’ve just done a test (albeit in the trumpet track) of the pedal and the on-off seems to work as predicted EXCEPT two things: a) Dorico “decides” to CC64=0 if I hold the pedal beyond the key-release (after about one bar), and b) Residual CC64=127 remain, even if I delete the recorded note–this is the problem.
IOW, without the “ped.” visible, I cannot know to erase the CC64s. So when if I add notes (via either live-play or hand-notated) in bars further down, they will be affected by the sustain (that’s invisible in Write mode).

Out of interest, you could try a piano and see if it records CC64 in the same way (holding down past another bar) etc.

You can tell Dorico not to record CC64 by activating Filter out MIDI controllers on the Play page of Preferences.

When you delete notes, Dorico doesn’t delete MIDI CC data in the same region, but you can either remove all automation for an instrument or within a selection using the commands in the Play > Automation submenu.

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