Why plugin opens faster if you press CTRL?

Why plugin window opens faster if you press CTRL?
I want to open with the same speed with a simple mouse click!

Good question. I will check it tomorrow.

Hah you’re right!!! Big +1! Some plugins are way to slow to open and this is way faster!!

Aloha guys,

Don’t see a diff here.
Perhaps it is because I am on Mac.

Good tip tho’.

Tried using the ‘Option/Alt’ key.
Plugs seem to open a tad faster
but it is such a small a difference, I am not really sure.

for me, holding ctrl while opening a plugin is clearly faster. I have no clue why either, but the difference of a plugins GUI loading from holding ctrl and not holding ctrl, is definitely there. Weird, but nice find! I would like the plugins GUI to open just as fast without holding ctrl, now that would be a nice addition to a future update!

Yep, since they went back, from the dreaded ‘double click opens a plugin’,
to ‘single click’, GUIs open with a noticeable delay.

Still in 7.5.10.

Not good.

Learning workarounds and ‘unlearning’ them after the fix, is not good, either …
Nevertheless, a good find !


Confirmed here on Mac. (I’m opening a plugin from an insert slot in a Channel edit window.)

Interesting. the GUI seems to be waiting for second click of a double click.

Here it opens immediately upon a double click; with a delay upon a single click; and immediately upon either a shift or cmd-click.

Same here on PC, boy it would be nice if it opened that fast WITHOUT ctrl…,.

Same experience as SteveInChicago for me, also on mac, C 7.5.1 , osx 10.9.2

Also faster here. Cubase 7.5.10 and OSX 10.8.5.

Would be nice if it was this quick all the time.

Yes, same here on Mac OSX 10.8.5, although, just like for Curtye, the difference is minimal (maybe 300 ms?).
Is there a particular plugin where the difference is really flagrant? (maybe I have simply not tried with a particularly slow one?)
I also have the feeling that there is the same difference when closing the GUI via another click (vs modifier+click) on the Insert slot.

It appears this delay follows the setting of the “Double Click Speed” in the mouse control panel, which would account for the seeming differences between systems.

Maybe Curteye and myself are just quicker than our shadows, then? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m testing that now. I think I was able to move faster than my shadow, but also went slightly backward in time, so couldn’t verify it. I’ll try again yesterday.

don’t see any difference, ctrl+click just emulates the double clicking, maybe dialing ctrl+click is faster than double clicking, that’s about it.

The comparison is between single clicking and ctrl/cmd clicking.

Just read your post from yesterday Steve and it didn’t work. Oh I have altered the future by telling you that?

Argh and now we need a new plugin, the butterfly effect 2.0

Confirmed here. Wish it work that fast without CTRL.