Why Project cursor position is time linear based?

Maybe not a bug, but I wonder why the Project cursor (and Cubase in general) behives this way:

  • let’s say i have the cursor at the start of bar 10
  • now, I change the project tempo from 120 to 100
  • I’d espect the cursor to stay at bar 10; instead, it goes to! I.e. it stays at 18 seconds from the project start time position (time linear based behavior).
  • I find this quite annoying: when i experiment with different Tempi, especially at high zoom resolutions, I have to find everytime where the cursor has gone!

Also, there is a related problem with the Project length (defined in the Project setup Window): if you have events near the project length end, and you lower the Project tempo, then those parts won’t be visible anymore!

IMO, the Cubase behavior should always be Musical mode based, when it’s time linear instead. Please, at least a preference to change this behaviour? E.g. a checkable option in the preferences, to change the general behavior of the program from linear to musical, and vice-versa.
Thanks in advance.


Not next to my DAW, but is this to do with the main time display you have in the transport bar? For example, if set to timecode then your cursor is considered in timecode, if bars+beats then it’s in bars+beats? Try changing this, does it help?


Thanks for your reply, but no, the problem appears to be setting-independent (I already tried all the options you mention).


No, it shouldn’t be anything always. It should follow your ruler. If it were always musical based, it would make your life even more complicated whenever your trying to match tempo with existing audio.

Not sure if I get what you mean, anyway at the moment it does not follow the ruler, it is always time based… And yes, behaviour following the ruler settings (ATM it isn’t) instead of a preference setting, would be perfect.


I’m sorry if I couldn’t make my point crear (yes, English really isn’t my first language). My point was: yes, current behaviour is wrong. It shouldn’t be always time-based, but being always musical-based isn’t the right way either.

The cursor stays at the position it was in the timeline. How does it know where you want it to be? You might want it at bar ten one day and bar eleven the next. Or what if you (or anyone) actually wanted it to be different for several sessions, there’d be just as much work delving into preferences to change the behaviour.

A bit of healthy button pushing is good excercise for a young lad. :mrgreen:

I don’t get your point (or maybe you didn’t get mine…). Simply, I’d like the cursor to stay at the same musical position when I change the tempo.


I totally agree with you (thanks).


That it might create as many problems as it solves. Thinking from the programmer’s POV. Or maybe even another user’s.
The cursor being locked to the timeline is desirable for several reasons especially when used for synchronisation and for movies. An option would maybe be handy but you do have to ask, is it that much of an issue?
ie: How many times does the average composer change the tempo? I find maybe once or twice and after that the tempo is set and there’s a couple more mouse moves and I move on.
And writing in several tempo changes? Well, how many do you need? And how many users use more than two or three?
If the programmers don’t see a volume of users that need that option then chances are it won’t appear.

Hi Conman - not disagreeing w/ your programming comments perspective, but to answer your question - those who overdub to freely played music do it lots! :slight_smile:

Let’s say I have already recorded some tracks, like bass and drums, and now I’m rehearsing a difficult lead guitar passage that I want to record; so, 1st time I set the tempo let’s say to 80; then, to 90, 100 etc. (you get it).

Everytime I change the tempo, the cursor changes its musical (i.e. bar and beat) position, so I have to manually move it at the correct one.
Sure I can live with it, or think about workarounds, but basically Cubase’s behavior is not correct, so IMO it should be corrected. Period.


They would generally use Merge Tempo From Tapping.

They write the program for people who mainly don’t need to do that :wink: . If you can get a goodly number of others who work the same way I’m sure they would think about it. However, you can set a marker at bar ten and just hit “1” on the numkeys to get the cursor to go there. Set several markers on a template maybe?
I’ll bump this again sometime to see if you can get more people who could use this.
It’s not a bad suggestion but I can see it having problems getting done.

I agree it is annoying when the cursor disappears from the place in the timeline that you had it, but maybe you aren’t making it easier by doing this:-

selecting something where the cursor is
then change the tempo
then use “locate selection” command with key command L