Why projects/instruments loading times increased so much?

So, I’m using Cubase 7.5 on daily basis - I updated to 7.5.30 as I was trying to solve this problem:

Loading times of projects/VST/VSTi-plugins have increased massively. I am currently opening a project I started yesterday. I opened it 12:55 which was 7 minutes ago. Let’s see how long it takes this time. The project contains maybe 5 instanses of Massive plugin, two Kontakts and a few fx-plugins, so nothing major.

So each time I open an instrument or FX the loading time is amazingly long. For example opening guitar rig 5 plugin takes about 3 minutes. The opening process usually freezes most of the functionality of the computer. Mouse cursor works, as well as start menu etc. but web browser “is not responding” as well as other programs I’m running.

Weirdly enough as one instance of guitar rig has finally opened I can open additional instances of it with ease. Loading times are normal, 1-3 seconds or whatnot. Loading these instruments, like Kontakt in stand-alone mode works like a charm. An hour ago I went to plug-in information tab and pressed the “update plug-in information” button. The loading bar started at 6% and that’s where it froze and I had to quit cubase by killing it in task manager after maybe 15 minutes of waiting.

Has this occurred to someone else and how did you get around it?

My rig:
Cubase 7.5.30 64bit win7 with latest updates, 32GB of RAM, Asus LGA2001 X79 MB, i7-3950K, OCZ Revodrive hybrid SSD+HDD, Geforce GTX 770.

Deadlines are closing up on me and I need to get some music done soon and I really wish someone could help me out. Thanks!

  • Janne

ps. Project opened. 19 minutes on the dot!

In a related matter: Can someone direct me to a more active forum where I could find help? Who to mail or anything, really?

Try Vi control, or the Native Instruments forum. Sorry I can`t help you out bud.

Alright, I will try those ones out.

Update on the subject: I have uninstalled, and re-installed Cubase 7.5 and no dice. Also just as I had re-installed cubase I went and opened older Cubase 6 by accident. That also took an hour to open as it obviously went through the plugins.

In another forum I was given a tip to delete all the “suspicious” vst folders and I did and no, it didn’t help either.

Is there some sort of way to clean some cache, registry, temp files or what not? I would appreciate any suggestions.