Why renders in place stop before exporting all tracks?

Hi there,

Most annoying bug of Render In Place function : it stops before exporting all tracks.
The crazy thing is it seems to be totally random and it depends of the project .
Lets say I have 25 tracks I want to render, sometimes it will stops at 18 tracks, or sometimes after 3 or 4 tracks…
Cubase 8.5 works perfectly on my system so it’s not a problem with my computer. It must be
a bug of render in place.

Is it possible that you fix this Steinberg ?
Today I simply can’t rely on this function to export all my tracks in a row . I simply export track by track, manually , like I always did before…

Hi, add at least 1 bar of tail data in the settings. Personally i add 2 bars.

i used to have Render In Place crash in totally random fashion either MIDI or Audio. The progress bar will show in blocks and then out of nowhere freeze. The only way out is to kill Cubase via Task Manager; any unsaved work is lost.

By adding Tail Data, the progress is almost instantaneous and have had no freezing since.

hope this helps…Cheers!!!