Why RIP is THAT slow in 8.03.? vs. 8.5!!


SB thanks for the RIP, but could you explain why it takes so long to render? I had 13 tracks of Padshop Pro, 10 bars MIDI parts and it took me 1min 47sec to RIP them. No inserts, no sends just clean. The same set in Studio One took me 44sec.
Can you improve it? It’d be nice.


Now I know the answer.

Studio One processor utilization
Cubase Pro 8.0.2 processor utilization
Cubase 8.png

i noticed that too when i was trying out cubase 8. it was faster for me to pull up my resampling macros and record the output of the track in realtime. a bit of a shame.

(btw. this means the code for RIP is definitely badly written if other forms of exporting the same thing in cubase take less time…)

Pictures I posted above say that our super-duper computers are useless because Cubase doesn’t utilize processor’s power at all, 15% only.

it is a known fact, however i think that single post is unfortunately too inconclusive – too many variables there.

for instance, do you have the option to suspend processing on vst3 plugins unless audio is being passed through them on? does studio one have the same feature?

buffer sizes affect CPU usage too, as well as the actual processor type. is asio guard on? how does it look without it? what about bios settings like core parking, c1 states et al? how does changing the bufferlength affect the CPU usage? what about shuffling the order of channels (is it still the case cubase will delegate processing among cores by alternating channels)?

it definitely needs to be looked into though just based on the fact doing a file > export is much faster than RIP.

(btw. are the projects running the same samplerate & bit depth as the resulting audio, or is there bit-depth and / or samplerate conversion happening during export? that can be substantial too i guess.)

I tried both variants - no difference.

No difference.

No difference. First Auto, then Off.

Didn’t check it.

Of course bit-depth and sample rate were the same in C8 & SO. I just took 10 instances of Padshop Pro, 10 bars MIDI events and did RIP. Even Presets for Padshop and MIDI events were the same in both cases.

Actually when they say: “Creativity First” it means I shouldn’t worry about C1 states et al as long as I have no problem with overall productivity of the software. :wink:. And I really don’t have troubles so far but when I see that another DAW performs similar tasks twice faster, it makes me wonder.

You may have just uncovered something that was not really examined well by coders and now that you’ve exposed it, things may change

I’m very glad to say that the speed of the RIP in Cubase 8.5 is twice faster than in C8.0.3. well done.

Hi, just to add: There are industry statistics that Show clearly: By optimizing Software code-Initial Commercial Versions it is most usual to achieve Performance improvements of about 50%. This only means that targeted optimization of one Special Parameter is always possible and makes sense.
Coders todays (fortunately!) Focus on architecture and clean coding for reasons of technical debt. This is not seldomely bad for Performance.

Wouldn’t speedier operations like this be the main reason for program updates? Kinda the whole point?
Just saying… Folks seem to be surprised that stuff is working better after an upgrade…