Why should Transport affect Expression Maps???

When I press stop or position the cursor, the Expression Map reverts to slot 1.
This has been posted many times, spanning back about 5 years now. I am beginning to suspect Steinberg don’t have the answer. Whenever this issue is brought up, an external moderator (not mentioning names) answers with “Just place an empty slot in your Expression Map”. Then, after explaining to him that this doesn’t work, Crickets.

Hi - just as a matter of curiosity: Do you want to have your “headline” question answered or do you consider the behaviour a bug. If the later - > would it make sense to put it in the “issues” forum?

HTH Ernst

Posting it in the ‘Issues’ forum hasn’t worked before so I thought we could maybe have a chat about why Cubase has been programmed to behave like this and why, if it was not programmed to behave like this, hasn’t it been fixed.

And you expect an answer to that in a USER-Forum?
I assume your question is a rethorical one (and I can understand you).

Maybe you can get some supporting statements from other users if you rephrase the headline to something like: “Anyone else having issues with…?”

Or it should be put as a feature request.
I can’t think of any good reason that it behaves as it does, but I have very limited experience with Expression Maps.