why so quiet!

Dear Steinberg,
I’m rather new to Cubase, and immediately, I’m struggling with Cubase’s “quietness”

could you PLEASE PLEASE make Cubase louder(in a short sense) internally
at least now+0.2 (maybe +0.5 even)@Unity @ evrychannel???

do you compare with Logic/PT at the developping?? maybe ok with £100k+ class high end monitoring system.
but in a private studio like mine (1k-2k) it is ovbious that Cubase is quiet for playback.
(on either VSTi, Samples)
whatever you try, you just can’t go there. otherwise, already OL. (yet on my mixer, lower LEDs at the same fader)

its not about which sound engine is better and such. (its all down to your taste. thus I came from Logic)
I’m talking about simply the matter of volume/loudness.

and other users (who hasn’t used Logic/PT) that’s the rest of the world. raise your voice.

und MfG (für Steinberg)

Cubase doesn’t have any “quietness” problem. It’s completely capable of outputting square wave @ 0dBfs, which is loudest signal any digital audio system can ever produce.

Please check your signal path: analog connections/equipment, Cubase master fader/control room, etc etc…

You simply need do do some research into the matter!

when I first started out with audio on SX I used to think the same thing but then I realised I didn’t really know as much about a DAW as I thought I did ,yes it was a complete user error , so take splits advice and research :wink:

+0.2 @ unity - sounds logical.
But don´t you think that´s a little too much…? I mean 0.2 will easily blow your speakers, if not used carefully.

Good point. 0.2 is way too risky. I wouldn’t play with that. I’d say 0.17 or 0.18, maximum 0.182, but that’s really playing with fire.

Ahhh cat the crup, everone knows it’s got to go up to eleven !!!

I know its capable of playing full normalised square at unity.
but I am saying that that output is quiet.

on the fader, it says “0.2” and when you move a channel fader up to it, then just about to touch Logic/PT.

and thanks for all your responses. but the funny thing is, none of you guys uses Mac/Logic environment as far as I see
and I presume you might have no idea what I’m talking about. (no offence)
ok, maybe some could be former Logic users… can you still compare A/B??

Cubase sounds OK. basically. think I am just deaf enough not to feel “oh hello” with Cubase’s Unity.

and exactly I was expecting “check ya mixer fader you *****” “do you even know about MIDI?” kinda response.
as well as all other answers I sort of expected. and I am done, I would check back sometimes this thread.
for if maybe some interesting responses.

if you’d like to continue. please do dis"fuss" further. eventually if Steinberg checked into it,(and improved it)
we all get a slightly louder(or a normal loud) Cubase. we all happy. and if they would, earlier the better.

still, again, if Steinberg could hear, I would like you to check into that please.


p.s. I said “I’m rather new to Cubase” but I’m not new to Logic and PT. just in case. if the fader was down…

ta ta!

Unless the meters in Cubase are blatantly lying, how could Cubase be quiter than any other program?

I was (am) a Logic user before I moved to Cubase 7: Logic is NOT louder than Cubase, as expected, as it should be…so you should have some problems with your hardware or software configuration.

I used Logic for many years (before e-magic dumped the PC version). It is no louder then Cubase. I would think your system is misconfigured in some way …

If the ouptut of Cubase nulls with the output of Logic - which it does - that means that both Logic’s output and Cubase’s output are the same identical level. Anyone who claims that Cubase (or any other seq) is quieter or louder than another should check their sound card and monitoring setup.


Honestly GeorgeGrvscl what the hell are you talking about? I do not understand anything. :open_mouth:

so, did anyone A/B 'ed then?
(ok, its not only play back, try make a simple sound like bass and some EQing) (did you?? dr4kan)

I don’t touch anything but my mouse when I switch between L/C btw.
Cubase, especially quiet in MidLo and Lo. you might say its tidier.
or other word, Logic is chunkier.(denser.)
and its subtle. too loud (or too quiet) monitoring (and/or) without a room treatment, you may miss it…

I don’t care the theoritical data. but the received feeling that I feel it is quiet.
you can make different sizes (and density) of foam from the same amount of soap…

more importantly, I am not denying Cubase. I am hoping Cubase (or maybe Logic?) to be improved in someway.
and again, after that, remember we all can have the better Cubase.
(so, why do you all cover Steinberg btw??)
and this much of response in a short period of time, you all are interested in it too… (or just to attack?)…

nevertheless, please Steinberg, do look into it and no need to argue further nor in future…



Sorry, your feeling is wrong.

The ‘theoritical data’ is what is used to take out the human - or imperfect - element. If you dont care the theoritical data, you have a TON to learn.

Maybe start here:


And nobody is attacking you, just tellng you that you are wrong. Which you are.

Wow. Sounds mind boggling.

So from what you’re describing, if you take the very same sample and run it through both Logic and Cubase, and put a frequency spectrum plug-in at the end, you’ll be seeing a different frequency curve? Is that right?

Have you done that? 'Cause this is not even a conversation to be had unless you have actual factual evidence of what you’re describing. So since you don’t like the theoretical aspects, let’s try the empirical side first.

And by the way, in order to get different densities of soap, you do have to put in an additional factor in order to get that different density- either more water, or more energy into the system… there is no magic in science.

Is this a joke?

Problem found:

spot on :wink: