Why some project open totally zoomed out?

I’ve noticed that when I open some project that I’ve saved normally zoomed, when I open it appears totally zoomed out. Why?

Cannot tell you why that is, maybe after a crash Cubase doesn’t correctly remember the zoom settings, but you can change your project duration under Project->Project Setup to a value closer to the actual length of your project, mitigates that problem a bit

I’m pretty sure Cubase doesn’t (always) remember the zoom setting on a per-project basis, period. I constantly have to mess around with the horizontal zoom setting to get it back to where I left it after I open and close projects.

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I did a bit of testing, and Cubase mostly remembers the zoom setting correctly when re-opening a project, but I definitely also have the effect that sometimes it opens zooming out to the whole project length, but I don’t know what triggers that…

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I have to admit that sometimes I would be very grateful if someone from the Cubase team responded to support requests. I think that I have submitted a problem not so secondary.

I’m very tired of workaround, thanks for your suggestion

Hope that Steinberg team fix this annoying issue

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