Why some track tempos don't change ?

I have a 5 track MIDI piece in Cubase 7. Can’t remember if they were all
recorded at fixed or variable tempo- maybe that’s the problem ?

What happens is when I change the tempo on the transport control
(by moving the mouse wheel and watching the parts on the
tracks compress or expand or by typing in a faster or slower tempo)
only 3 of the 5 tracks move and compress
or expand horizontally in the Project Window and play faster or slower and in synch.

The other two tracks just sit there at the original tempo.

What am I doing wrong ?

Any help much appreciated as my homework is due on this !



Check the inspector for the problem tracks:

Toggle time base between Musical and Linear should be orange

THANKS Richard for taking the time. That was exactly the problem and allowed me to search Youtube for more detail. Apparently this feature of Musical and Linear is confusing to many and not completely understood.

I hope I can help someone with a similar problem by recommending the following 20 minute excellent and clear tutorial on the whole subject:


Many thanks again for taking the time ! Hope I’ve paid forward…



Thanks Bob. Glad you got it working.

You’ve found an excellent YouTube tutorial. I’ve never completely understood the difference between Musical and Linear. The video is an excellent explanation. Thanks for the link - I’ve saved it in my favourites.