Why Steinberg??? Whyyyyy????!!

I swear you would think this would’ve been integrated ALREADY (ESPECIALLY with Steinbergs attention towards EDM & Electronic music as of late) but it hasn’t and it somewhat drives me crazy because I LOVE Cubase… But why has there been no integration of an actual Pattern, Clip, Sequence mode that can be played with our Midi controllers and used to create an entire beat/performance on the fly??

THAT and a REAL step sequencer integrated into EVERY midi/instrument track AND have it accessible just like the key editor. (And NO, beat designer doesn’t count because though it looks pretty and is decent, it doesn’t have the features or simple things that should be expected from a step sequencer considering there are some basic Android apps that have better step sequencers and features…)

If someone has any shade they’d like to throw my way or just want to point me in a direction my overly clouded mind might have overlooked in regards to those 2 things, please feel free to comment away. I WELCOME ALL comments/hate/suggestions/disrespect/love/ideas/trash talk that anyone might or will have.

Kind regards,