Why text frames and image frames get stuck at the same page?


I created a text frame at the beginning of the second movement of my piece, while the first movement was not finished yet.
Now that I completed the first movement, the text frame stayed at the same exact page, which is now the middle of my the first movement, instead of being linked to the first music frame of the second movement, which is as it should be in another flow.

It is a bit frustrating, because text frames cannot be cut and pasted so I need to create another one, readjust it at the same size, and then copy the text inside the frame. And if I add things in the first movement, I might be forced to do the same thing again…

Maybe there is an option or something I’m not aware of?



Text frames are indeed linked to pages at the moment, not flows. There’s improvements coming in the future, just not sure when.

Thank you Dankreider.
I hope it is something we’ll see in Dorico 4!

You can swap page overrides with other pages - e.g. if you want to move the formatting you currently have on p3 to p4. Provided the p4 doesn’t itself have overrides, this just moves your overrides to the next/previous page (and if your p4 did have overrides but p5 didn’t, you could first swap p4 with p5, then p3 with p4 to move them both along a page).

In general, I’d recommend that wherever possible, you try to avoid making page-specific adjustments until all the music (or as much music as foreseeable) is input and in the layout.

It worked!

Thank you Lillie

Another solution might be to put the text frames on a Master page, so that you can then apply the Master to the page, or set your Layout to use that Master at the start of Flows.