Why the basic section panel in the inspector is so hard to open in cubase 13

Hello, okay so I must be doing something wrong, but sometimes I have to mouse click 5 or 6 times to open it.

So I assigned a shortcut to it now but isn’t that weird?


This panel is waiting for a double-click (to rename the track). So to open it, you have to click and wait.

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This behaviour is different to previous Cubase versions. It makes the software slower and more difficult to use. Surely this wasn’t by design.


In previous versions, if you tried to rename the track from this panel, the panel closed and reopened (because of the double-click). What was very destructive. With the current version, this has been fixed.

So the change is surely by design.

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Ok… :slight_smile: I think we may be talking at cross purposes.

  1. Open a new Project.
  2. Create an Audio Track.
  3. Make sure ‘Expand Selections Exclusively’ is selected when right-clicking on the Inspector.
  4. Expand various Sections in turn eg. EQ, Sends, Fader, Routing.
  5. Expand Audio 01.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 a number of times.

Result - Audio 1 sometimes fails to expand as expected.
EQ, Sends, Fader etc. all expand without issue. Sometimes Audio 1 doesn’t - it’s unreliable.

When I say ‘Surely this wasn’t by design’, this is what I’m refering to.

Ok thanks.

As you can see, the other panels open instantly, while this one has a 1.5sec “lag” and that what threw me off.

edit : in my video, you can’t hear me left lick, but I assure you there’s 1 to 2 sec between the moment you click and the moment it opens

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That’s what Martin already explained. And he is saying why.

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