Why the heck did they remove the Clean Up function in 9.5?

@LoveGames, This topic is simply about the feature the OP asked about which was removed from Cubase after Cubase 9. Sorry, your post can’t be tagged as the solution, if that’s what you meant.

The “solution” is to install Cubase 9.

Totally agree.

It’s misleading, it wasn’t -removed-, it was moved.

Unless I’m missing something, the exact same feature can be accessed from 3 places:
-Right click menu in the pool - ‘Remove Unused Media’ / ‘Empty Trash’
-key commands - ‘Remove Unused Media’ / ‘Empty Trash’
-backup project protocol - ‘Remove Unused Media’

and in regards to missing files, all the missing file management utilities an also be found in Pool->right click

@steve am i missing something?

@LoveGames not the same function.
Remove Unused Media function in the pool checks and processes the files used in the project that is open.

See manual: Removing Unused Audio Files (steinberg.help)

I see.

Sounds dangerous, which is probably why they removed it. Guaranteed some assistant to a big name deleted a large swath of important files accidently