Why the massive disclosure button in Write mode?

Wouldn’t this be better served by zoom selections on the area itself without a pop up? Just curious as it is huge and I would rather have 3 or 4 zooms or staff focuses…when that is implemented there. I have yet to see a focus on staves command so I assume it is not there but I may have missed it. Anyway I bet there are plans for the area.

What do you mean by “disclosure button”?

It is the button with the up arrow in write mode at bottom that opens the bottom panel up.

I’m confused… what’s the connection between the bottom panel and zooming the score? Plus I believe that arrow is pretty small. You don’t need to click it btw to open or close a panel, anywhere on the panel side will do the trick.

“Focus on staves” isn’t a thing in Dorico. However you can create as many layouts as you like within one project, and each layout can show a different set of staves.

Yes its small, but very wide and I would think that space can and will be better used a bit more. Anyway no biggie. I have not gotten into the layouts function much and will read about this more this evening. I assumed in my mind this was geared for printouts but I guess I may be wrong here. Will take a look.

if you have a close look - close, because they are hardly noticeable :wink:
there are 4 of theses ‘disclosure buttons’ all around the working UI in Dorico.
One can move all of the 4 panels out of the way with the mouse or with handy key-combinations.
As an example Ctrl(Cmd)+8 moves the bottom panel out of the way.
You may also try Ctrl(Cmd)+0 and see what happens :slight_smile:

Though (unlike Sibelius’ Focus on Staves) in Dorico with the above approach only what is in the layout will actually play back (while, in contrast, Sib’s Focus on Staves allows you to display a subset of the score while still hearing the entire score, which is highly useful and something I hope they eventually also add in Dorico - among their many other feature requests :slight_smile:)…
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