Why the short cuts always get sleep or disabled???

So Im on Cubase 9.5 and there is often disabled short cuts /key commands and it happens spontaneously!

Sometimes it happens to me in the MIDI editor, I can’t anymore move midi notes, with the arrows of the keyboard (up or down) and when I try to move them… cubase detects as if I where exploring tracks in the arrange … And now this is happening too with the Record button assigned to: *

For a moment was perfectly working and now is Sleeping not working, and the only way to refresh and get back this… is to close cubase and open again :imp:

is this a unsolved bug??? is frustrating!!!


This issue has been discussed here on the forum several times already.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to reproduce it so far.

I understand… is there some report of this happening in Cubase 10?


Yes, here on the forum, there is. And same for the bug report to Steinberg.