Why the terrible FX

I’ve been a user of Cubase since Cubase Audio 8 tracks for the Atari Falcon 030 in 1994 so I’m a big fan So I was very disappointed to hear the FX that are included with Cubasis. The Reverb sounds tinny and has breaking and distorted tails. The compressor is harsh and hard to find a good setting on anything. What EQ is this. I call this a tone control and hasn’t been offered to Daw users since the early 90’s. No multi inputs to accommodate today’s audio boxes or multi out. Released with no audiobus. No selectable sampling rate. I expected a much more impressive app from Steinberg as they are literally the innovators of the Daw systems and VST’s. this app need so much more work to warrant the price. I will be watching closely for updates, upgrades, in-app purchases of real studio FX or plugins. I left a good review at the App Store to get the ball rolling but if Cubasis waits too long one of the top audio apps is going to beat Cubasis in all categories which will force Cubasis price down to $9.99.

It’s not only the FX. This app is no good yet…

Fxs are just as the sequencer itself is…I think this Cubasis is the version 0.1, not 1.0…i have a very old copy of Cubase (gs) 1.04 for i386 and it is much better (naturally the midi part)…it may be for 4.99 eur, but not for 44,99…The equalizer plugin is just a toy, they cannot believe it is a real solution for a modern audio/midi sequencer (with so many apps to select actually, why to make music with a so limited instrument? bass/treble, no automation, )
I hope at Steinberg will understand that the feelings of people about this app are very negative (above all the people who bought it), and that this is not a success for Steinberg, they closed the door of professional software to enter into the world of crappy apps, made because everyone has to made apps today.
Hope they’ll work quickly to give us what we’ve paid, a professional sequencer for iPad, as for example 4pockets Meteor… may be Meteor is not a true ‘professional’ seq, but it is however far better than this Steinberg Cubasis.
I can’t believe this…please, men at Steinberg, show us that we are wrong! We have been loving Steinberg and his technologies for so many years, let us love Steinberg for years to come, on the new device too…

Its a toy with a unrealistic pricetag. Not worth the money.
Should have been priced like Garageband.