why there wouldn't be a WL7 "project file" save as ?

I just don’t really get what kind of “logic” the creators of this software had in mind,

why this software doesn’t suggest to save the whole working file as a dedicated Wavelab7 project file including all the settings and plugins parameters into just one wavelab7 project file no matters what format ??? … just like Cubase 5 does… so it could be open the next day or later

every time when i’m trying to finish up some little editing/mastering work, i struggle among the wide choice of different file formats i want to save my work, and also the what i find very strange is that i have to dither/render my work in order to obtain the final result saved under one of those proposed formats

am i missing something ?

or is there a particular style of workflow the developers of this software had in mind… such as reloading the original .WAV file, then loading manually VST plugins and filters and finally loading the presets in order to find the last state of configurations for each one manually etc ??? :astonished:

also, why the general user interface was not designed as the one in Cubase for a much more easier and simplified use?? the menus and sub-menus to find/save different configuration presets for different plugins is one of an annoying hood i have ever seen in the what is said to be “high end professional” audio editing software, and from what i have realized , Wavelab 7’s features has been dictated/designed/created/engineered and masterminded by a different person and/or team to the ones who created Cubase 5.x, if only Cubase 5.x was designed the same way WL7 is … i would honestly sent back the USB key and the dvd box to SB headquarters and i would have added a Snickers chocolate bar in the fedex package… :ugeek:

if im wrong on all of that, please someone explain to me what is the right way of working and logic (as someone at SB thought to be so) with WaveLab 7 software. thanks

There is such a thing; you just don’t know it yet. With every audio file you can save its master section settings, and also with every montage you can save all settings. You certainly don’t need to save wavs in formats with or without rendering, since basically WL is a non-destructive editor. Unfortunately there is no real manual (yet?), but I hope you do read what’s available.

Why? Because of history and the way things go. Wavelab has its own history as a very well thought out audio editor and mastering program, and that’s quite different from the multi-track audio and MIDI recording program that Cubase is. Somewhere along the line those two came to be under the same mother company. I don’t think the difference is that big anyway - and I use both WL and Cubase 5.

Luck, Arjan