Why this track Show up ?

I drag a midi file into my project. I notice there an extra track show up
Halion sonic



In the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI File > Import, you have set it up so the HALion Sonic SE multi timbral tracks should be created. After the input multiple MIDI tracks is created and one HALion Sonic SE Rack (virtual instrument).

The Channel you are asking for, is the Audio Return Channel of the HALion Sonic SE virtual instrument.

Thank you. How I delete the HALion Sonic?

Is this not the instrument your imported MIDI Track is playing?

If not and you do want to get rid of it, just remove it from the Instrument Rack. To do this click on the Instrument Name in the rack and when the pop up list appears, select “No VST Instrument”

Thanks. That was really helpful.