Why this visibility PLE shows the group tracks in the mixer but not in project window

Hello, I have “sync mixconsole and project” ON

But this PLE result in the correct group tracks showing in the mixer, but 0 track shown in the project window, why ?


Hard to say without seeing the Pre-Process PLE.
I just tried the PLE shown but without the Name filter and it seem to work fine here.

I have had issues with Pre and Post commands before and have stopped using them completely. Instead I chain PLEs together in a macro instead which has worked flawlessly for me.

I just remove “hide all” from the pre command

it still doesn’t work. Tracks are shown as visible on left but they are only visible in the mixconsole not the project window it’s super weird

here is my macro :

Maybe if your insert a “Container Type” clause?

EDIT : I am such a dumbass wow !!

The tracks were there, but in my upper zone, and because the workspace I used for this macro saved the upper zone line at the very top of the screen like it’s not there, I just forgot it…

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