why this VST works as instrument channel but not instrument track?


I just installed Modo Bass. When I add as an instrument track, the Modo Bass window pops but I don’t get any sounds either clicking with my mouse or hitting my keyboard. But if I add as an instrument channel it works.

How can I get the instrument track to work? It works with other VSTs like Addictive Keys and Addictive Drums. And anyway I use my keyboard all the time so I know that works.

Please advise. Thanks.


Sorry, what do you mean by Instrument Channel? How do you add the track when it works and how do you add the track when it doesn’t work?

In Cubase we have Instrument Tracks and Rack Instruments.

I’m going by the terminology in the Operations Manual. What they call instrument channel means you go to Devices, VST Instruments, click on the VST, then it asks if you want to create a MIDI channel. That works. I get a sound.

I would prefer just doing a right click, Add Instrument Track, and then selecting the VST there. But that doesn’t work with Modo Bass. It works for the XLN instruments, even though I’m doing exactly the same thing.


That means Instrument Rack does work, but Instrument Track doesn’t.

Some screenshots, please?

Hi Martin,

Here is the instrument track (cubase track.png), which does not make any sound. The V49 is a MIDI keyboard. It works with other VSTs.

And also I attached “cubase channel.png”, which allows me to hear the Modo Bass.

Please advise if it’s possible to make the instrument track work. Thanks!



Can you see any incoming MIDI activity in the plug-in? Are you sure you play your keyboard in the correct range?